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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Former Senator Max Cleland in Davis At Charlie Brown Fundraiser

By Bill Ritter

Former U.S. Senator Max Cleland of Georgia came to Davis last night for a fundraiser honoring Congressional Candidate Charlie Brown who is running again in the 4th District. Senator Cleland came to Davis two years ago to offer his support to Brown who narrowly lost to John Doolittle.

An enthusiastic group of 70 attended and joined Davis Mayor Pro-tem Ruth Asmundson, Davis Councilmember Lamar Heystek, Yolo County Assessor Joel Butler, West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon, former Davis Councilmembers Mike Harrington, Jerry Kaneko and former Davis School Member Jim Provenza along with members of the Davis Democratic Club and members of the UC Davis College Democratic Club.

After campaigning with Charlie for the day Max came to our town to deliver his message of hope and urgency that the 2008 elections are critical to repairing our nation from the disaster the George W. Bush administration has brought upon us.

After being introduced by both Jan & Charlie Brown, Max joked that folks often ask him how he wound up in a wheelchair losing both his legs and an arm, to which he replied “I went duck hunting with Dick Cheney.”

Turning to the matter at hand, Max reminded the crowd how the Bush/Cheney administration has seriously damaged our country leaving us with massive debt and deficits, an economy that is in a recession, 9,000 American citizens a month losing their homes, a needless and unnecessary Iraqi War all the while failing to capture Osama Bin Laben in Afghanistan and destroy Al Queda and not taking care of our wounded veterans as they return from war. It is due to this massive incompetence that Max is once again traveling throughout the country campaigning for candidates who are seeking to return sanity and good government to Washington DC.

It was simply a joy to be in the presence of this wonderful man who is such an inspiration to all of us.

Having shown his 2006 campaign to be credible and nearly successful, Charlie Brown is recognized by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a top-tier candidate worthy of early and significant support. Several months ago Majority Leader Steny Hoyer came to the district and announced the Democratic Congressional Leadership was supporting Brown with resources his first campaign did not have.

As was the case in 2006, many of us from Davis and Yolo County will be again volunteering to work to elect Charlie Brown and see him join our own Congressman Mike Thompson in Washington DC. Hearing from Senator Cleland inspired and reaffirmed our determination to do all we can to help Charlie Brown.