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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Briefs

Vanguard Radio Show Today

Special guest: 4th District Supervisor Candidate Cathy Kennedy

Today from 6 PM to 7 PM on KDRT 101.5 FM

Call in: (530) 792-1648

Sue Greenwald Fundraiser

You are invited to mayor Sue greenwald’s fundraiser this SATURDAY EVENING (MAY 3)

Good food, good friends, good cause!

Join us at Mayor Sue Greenwald’s gala re-election fundraiser this Saturday, May 3. Stop by between 6p.m. and midnight, or stay all evening. The Garden Party fundraiser will be at the beautiful home of Norma Turner, 506 Fillmore Court in West Davis. Enjoy great food, drink and ambiance. All are welcome. If you have not yet donated, a donation of $25 ($10 students) is requested, but all donations are welcome and appreciated. Or, agree to walk a precinct in lieu of donation. For information please call Norma at 758-3048. Directions can be found at Sue’s website at

Nuggets Field 7-11 Committee Meeting

Please come and voice your opinion on what you think should happen at the Nugget Fields site. It has appeared on the Housing Element Committee of the City of Davis as preferable site for housing. Should the are be developed? If it is, should it be residential or commercial? Should the area be bought by another government entity and kept as Nugget Fields. Davis residents need to express their views to the School District's 7-11 Surplus Committee, so the Committee can share those views with the School Board.

To that end, the 7-11 Surplus Committee has scheduled a public hearing at the Birch Lane Multipurpose Room on May 6th starting at 7 pm. If this is an issue of interest to you, please come and speak out.

For a bit of history on the site, the Wildhorse Property known as Nugget Fields was donated to the Davis School District in December of 1999 as part of the Wildhorse development project. The size of the property at nine acres is suitable for an elementary school, although there have been no plans for such a development or any other by the Davis School District.

In April of 2000, the District entered into a lease of the Wildhorse property with the Davis Sports Foundation, which allowed the vacant parcel of land to be developed and used as soccer fields on an interim basis as a benefit to the community. The lease is about to expire and the District desires to declare the property as surplus for use as a school site in order to avoid the provisions of the Naylor Act. The Naylor Act would, if the property were not declared as surplus allow another government entity to buy the land for much less than fair market value.

The Committee recommended to the School District "After consideration of the prior 7-11 Committee report, enrollment projections, school facility capacity, and future development projects, the Committee believes that there is no need for use of the Wildhorse property in the foreseeable future fir educational purposes. Therefore, we recommend to the Board of Education that they declare the Wildhorse property as surplus." The vote of the Committee was 9-0, with two absent.

The School Board accepted the report of the 7-11 Surplus Property Committee on a 4-0 vote. However, the Committee is also charged with soliciting community input as to what the property should be sued for and report that to the School Board. That is the purpose of this public hearing. If you want your voice heard, please come and share your thoughts.

Bob Schelen
Chair 7-11 Surplus Committee