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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Commentary: Why is a reality show looking at Yolo County Law Enforcement?

Josh Fernandez of the Woodland Daily Democrat perhaps had the line of week in his opener to the article on a proposed reality television show that will cover Yolo County Law Enforcement. Fernandez wrote: "Either Hollywood is running out of actors or Yolo County is a breeding ground for up-and-coming thespians." (Admit it Josh, you just wanted to use the word "thespian" in an article).

Lost in the oddity of the proposal to create a reality TV show based on Yolo County law enforcement, is the question of why would a producer choose Yolo County--a generally small and rural county--of all places to do a television show?

A small amount of research by our crack research team has revealed rather close connections between Scott M. Hervey--the prospective producer for this endeavor and Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

At first glance it would appear to be strange that a person whose work includes representation of rap artists and one of the "Bay Watch Babes", would be affiliated with the perceived clean-cut persona such as Mr. Reisig.

However as it turns out Mr. Hervey and Mr. Reisig attended law school together at McGeorge Law. Hervey earning his JD in 1995 and Reisig in 1996.

The relationship goes well beyond that. Hervey was a strong supporter of Reisig's DA candidacy.

The following was posted on Matt Rexroad's blog on November 8, 2005:
"As a business attorney who has clients throughout the region, I understand how important West Sacramento is to the growth of the business community in greater Sacramento. However, in order for the W. Sacramento business community to grow, the overall community has to be safe. Jeff understands this. He is the clear choice for DA."--Scott Hervey, Partner Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Law Corporation.
So now we understand how an entertainment lawyer such as Scott Hervey would bring a reality television proposal to Yolo County. He supports his old law school buddy in his run for District Attorney's office. When his buddy wins, he proposes a reality television show that would net him millions which will at the same time present a sanitized image of Yolo County law enforcement which will in turn help Mr. Reisig's public image. This is nepotism at its worst. Hopefully now the County Supervisors will do the right thing and reject this embarrassing proposal.

(Caption: Scott Hervey right with Jeff Reisig to his left, Ron Rohde, and Former County Supervisor Frank Siefferman, Jr in December of 2005 at the Sacramento Metro Chamber)

---Doug Paul Davis reporting