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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

County Supervisor Mariko Yamada Announces Bid For 8th AD in Fairfield

County Supervisor Mariko Yamada announced her intention to seek the Democratic Nomination for the 8th Assembly District this morning in a very cold Fairfield outside of the County Government Building.

Flanked by her husband Janlee Wong and Solano County Entrepreneur C.C. Yin, Supervisor Yamada made her formal announcement.

"I have always admired Mariko's integrity and commitment to people, and particularly her commitment to civil rights. She works very hard to make people feel included in our democratic process," Mr. Yin said.

Supervisor Yamada emphasized her commitment to working families and social services, vowing not to leave behind the least of our citizens. "I'm talking about the responsibility to remain committed to civil rights for all people, to advocate for those most vulnerable in our society, particularly the working poor, the elderly, and the disabled. I'm talking about speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves."

In a written statement she also said,
"Working families know that one illness, one accident, one shift in retirement benefit payments, one job loss in a family, can rob them of their progress towards the American Dream. As a social worker and county supervisor, I see the daily casualties of the misplaced prioities of our nation and our state. Local governments struggle to provide basic services in the face of constantly changing regulations and the chronic underfunding of basic services. I believe it is time for the people to give voice to common sense policies."
Yamada joins West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon who announced last month at the Davis train station. She issued a challenge to her opponent and other potential opponents, urging them to run a clean and positive race based on ideas and vision rather than personal attacks and negativism. She made sure to emphasize that there could be disagreements on policy goals and position, but that this race should be run on ideas not personal attacks.

At noon in Woodland, Yamada will have her Yolo County Announcement.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting