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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Narrow Divide

Democrats have picked up 28 seats in the House to take control, with a possibility of perhaps two more. Democrats hold a slight 229 to something majoirty at the moment. A narrow advantage.

Democrats have picked four seats in the Senate, with Montana the two candidats separated by 1800 votes, with Democrats John Tester ahead. Jim Webb leads George Allen by 7000+ in Virginia. Both will likely go to recounts. They might not be decided for weeks. If Democrats prevail, they will control the Senate 51-49--the slimmest of margins.

Charlie Brown narrowly loses to John Doolittle. Jerry McNerney defeats Pombo.

In Yolo County, the them continues. Matt Rexroad leads Frank Siefferman by a narrow 600 votes with some precincts perhaps outstanding. Much closer than perhaps some expected.

SMUD appears to be going down to a split decision--H passing by 400 and I failing by 400. Don't ask me how that happens.

Target is passing by the narrowest of margins--a 600 vote gape on Measure K. A further illustration of the very narrow divided in the City of Davis. Didn't council warn about dividing the city? Meanwhile Choice Voting wins by 1600, an advisory vote that had no campaign against it.

Statewide, the horrendous campaign of Phil Angelides for Governor doesn't doom the Democrats, as they win across the board for the constitutional offices except Bustamante going down thoroughly to defeat.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting