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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Davis DANG on Vanguard Radio Talk About the Prospects for a New Grocer in West Davis

On Wednesday night, on KDRT 95.7 FM, Vanguard Radio had on three members from the group DANG--Davis Advocates for Neighborhood Grocers--Eric Nelson, Russ Snyder, and Katherine West.

Click here to listen to the entire interview: Radio Interview

One of the points they made is that there is a perception that this is a bad location for a grocery store. What they believe has been shown over time is that poorly run stores will not do well in this location. They argue for instance that Farmtown Market did exceedingly well in this location and that the only reason that it left was that the owner, the original owner of the plaza, wanted to get out of the grocer business. He had only gotten into the business to begin with due to the requirements for a grocery store. But it was well run and profitable.

Next came Ray's Market. Ray's Market also did well there but there were logistical problems due to the fact it was Oregon-based and the southern-most Ray's Market location. Toward the end, the Ray's Market did poorly but that in part because of lack of upkeep of the store.

Even Food Fair initially turned a profit but quickly lost money when they never put money or resources into the store. Food shelves were rarely re-stocked and people had no good reason to go there.

Because of the smaller size, what is needed is a store that can cater to people purchasing a meal or two at the store. Which suggests some specialty items but also just as importantly a wide-berth of items so that people can do all of their shopping for that meal at one store.

It is an interesting discussion and worth listening to.

They could not divulge the grocers, but apparently there are several that have expressed a realistic interest in the spot in the last month or two. They seem very optimistic that this spot will be filled and that if it is a well-run store it will succeed.

DANG maintains an active website with a load of information. I have already put the link on the side bar, but click here for more information about DANG, their activities, and how you can get involved.