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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vanguard Report: Re-Examining Davis Police Overtime

source: city of Davis Finance Department

As you can see on the chart, breaking down overtime by Division, the Fire Department has the vast majority of the overtime with $1 million of the $1.93 million total. And public safety accounts for $1.68 million of that total or roughly 87 percent.

According to a tip last week, we learned of a an "extra duty" program that is sometimes given to police officers in their time off. For instance it could be for various groups event who contract with the city, it could be for patrolling apartment complexes for four hours at a time when they have had problems with parties. Some officers like to pick up the extra work, some do not.

The groups who request the extra duty officer get sent an invoice and the officer gets paid time and a half. The city accounts for this under program number 5619--everything listed under 5619 is being paid by sources other than city money.

It turns out, roughly $70,000 of that $627,000 in overtime is not paid for by the city but rather by these private groups.

Of the officers on our 100K of Davis list, the following officers received 5619 money:

Douglas Bates received $22,338.36 of his $56,959.39 OT from 5619
Glen Glasgow received $1,612.86 of $21,487.22 OT from 5619
Darren Pytel received all of his $1426.12 OT from 5619
Paul Doroshov received $734.57 of his $20,765.48 OT from 5619
Scott Smith received $14,426 of his $37,333.13 OT from 5619

For the full listing of all 5619 expenditures, please click here.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting