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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slain Officer Leaves Behind Young Children and Family

It was a sad irony to note the confluence of events. In November of 2005 a CHP Officer was killed. This past week, the death sentence was handed down to his killer. Now just a few days later, a Yolo County Deputy Sheriff Jose Antonio Diaz was shot through his bullet proof vest during a pursuit of a man who was driving at speeds over 100 mph with a baby girl inside of the car.

The suspect has since been captured and the baby girl is safe and in foster care until a relative comes forward.

Meanwhile the young sheriff's officer, only 37 years old has died. To make this story more tragic, the officer is the single father of three young children--ages 4, 6, and 14.

It gets more tragic. Diaz was engaged to marry his fiancee on August 8. She has five children of her own.

With the suspect now in custody, the focus must turn to ways to help the family of this young officer. The Vanguard will be following up on ways in which to provide assistance to the fiancee and the children.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting