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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ASUCD Senate Passes Resolution in Support of Living Wage

In a resolution authored by ASUCD President Ivan Carrillo, Co-authored by Senator Steven Lee, and introduced by Senator Lula Ahmed Falol, the UC Davis student government unamously voted in "support of the establishment of a living wage for City of Davis employees."

In the resolution, the students register concern that the city of Davis hires "for-profit contractors for the ongoing provision of certain municipal services such as tree trimming, custodial work and landscaping" and these contractors pay as little as $9 per hour to their employees.

These wages preclude employees from even being able to live in affordable housing the city of Davis and the wage is larger than $4 per hour less than that for the lowest paid direct wage earner from the city of Davis.
"The City of Davis prides itself on being a progressive community with the aim of advocating social justice for its least advantaged members; and... the broader financial resources of larger employers such as the City of Davis places them in a better position to feasibly provide a living wage that places workers above poverty level."
The ASUCD "supports sustaining a community in which City of Davis employees can adequately support themselves financially within the city of their employment"

And they urge "the Davis City Council to pass an ordinance establishing a living wage requirement for City of Davis employees engaged through for-profit service contractors"

They also note that the current budget does not include a living wage in its provisions and thus in their resolution they call on the Davis City Council to include a living wage in their budget and to pass a budget that pays these employees a living wage.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting