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Monday, May 26, 2008

Lawn Signs Redux: Supersized Sign Posted by Property Owner

In Friday's Davis Enterprise, it was reported that a group calling itself Delta Breeze had raised $1500 in support of an independent expenditure campaign. The expenditures were for a number of banners and T-shirts such as the one depicted above.

This banner was found at the corner of F and 8th Street in front of an apartment complex.

According to the city's municipal code:
"(1) No sign on residential property including single-family, duplex, multi-family, and apartments shall exceed six (6) square feet."
As one can see from the scale, the sign easily surpasses the legal size limit allowed by city statute.

Tom Cross, owner of Star-Cross Properties and director of Delta Breeze (apparently) sent out an email to all six of the city council candidates in advance of the expenditure.

The Enterprise on Friday reported on the donors to the Independent Expenditure Committee:
"The other committee, called The Delta Breeze, has raised $1,500 and spent $1,300 on T-shirts and banners, according to the filing. The committee received $100 donations from Rochelle Swanson, Alice Belenis, Jim Belenis, Anthony Eggert, Gregg Herrington, Charlie Swanson, Mike Levy, Fast Aid Franchise Corp ($200), Don Fouts, Tom Cross, Randolph Yackzan, Stephanie Cross, Ted Puntillo and Jay Gerber."
Two of the more interesting ones are Anthony Eggert, who is the boyfriend of Sydney Vergis and works on her campaign. Last week he stood in for her at a candidate's debate. Also you have Randy Yackzan, one of the owners of the Northwest Quadrant.

Tom Cross helped spearhead the efforts against the renter's rights ordinance that was eventually passed in January to enable renters to be able to put up political signs of their choice on their rental units. He was trying to delay implementation of the ordinance until after the February 5, 2008 primary election.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting