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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Labor Backs Mariko Yamada

While large numbers of Democratic activists and elected officials have backed Christopher Cabaldon, one group remains for the most part steadfastly behind Mariko Yamada--organized labor.

Mariko Yamada has picked up endorsements from both the Sacramento and the Napa-Solano Central Labor Councils. In addition, Yamada has garnered the support of the Davis Firefighters Local 3494.

According to a press release from the Yamada Campaign:
"The set of endorsements clearly solidify Yamada’s position as the candidate that best represents the interests of working people and their families in the heavily Democratic district.

These organizations join the International Union of Operating Engineers, Stationary Local No. 39 and the California Nurses Association who were early endorsers of Yamada’s candidacy, creating a formidable coalition of organized labor with strong support and membership throughout the district."
Mariko Yamada in her press release is quoted as saying:
“The choice in this race is clear... We’re bringing together the voices of the working families that are the heart of the Democratic Party and who are struggling just to make ends meet. I’m proud to have labor on my team because I know how hard it is to earn their support.”
Support from labor may help to offset what is developing into a tremendous resource advantage for Christopher Cabaldon. Not only has Cabaldon generated a huge number of endorsements including the Democratic Party and his three predecessors in the legislature from this district, but he raised over $500,000 for the race overall. Yamada has raised a formidable $200,000.

The big advantage for Cabaldon at this point is that he has over $300,000 cash on hand to just $43,000 for Yamada.

However, the labor endorsements mean precinct walkers, printing materials, campaign volunteers, in addition to money. Will this influx of labor support keep Yamada afloat? We will have to see.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting