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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Whether you consistently agree or consistently disagree with what gets published on this blog, the very fact of your reading it--whether daily or intermittently--provides The Vanguard with a critical form of support. But for a blog, where “subscriptions” are free, a sizable readership does not help pay the bills. And while advertisements can be a source of revenue, for political outlets, especially at the local level, the number of these is always small and the intake negligible. At the same time, producing the commentaries and reports that reach us seven days a week has become for David Greenwald (aka Doug Paul Davis) a full-time job. For these reasons and to help ensure the continuation of this wonderful source of political news and opinion, we, the undersigned “Friends of the Vanguard” have organized to facilitate the provision of a very tangible form of assistance: regular infusions of cold hard cash.

We invite those who are able to do so to make RECURRING contributions of $10 to $100. AND for those on a limited budget, we invite you to make a one-time or occasional contribution of any amount.

For those who would prefer to donate by check. Send a check payable to: The People's Vanguard of Davis, P.O. Box 4715, Davis, CA 95617-4715.

In the past year and a half plus the Vanguard has been enriching and enlivening politics and political conversation in Davis. Please help ensure that it will continue to do so.
Friends of the Vanguard:
Christine Cipperly
Stan Dundon
Patricia Lenzi
Dick Livingston
John Lofland
Lyn Lofland
David Musser
Pam Nieberg