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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Escamilla-Greenwald Kicks Off Campaign for Council with Assemblyman Dave Jones

by Simon Efrein

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald formally announced her candidacy for Davis City Council last night, at a birthday bash in her honor hosted by Former District Attorney Candidate Pat Lenzi and Assemblyman Dave Jones. In a speech in front of many supporters, Cecilia highlighted her desire to serve as a strong voice for the character and citizens that make Davis such a unique and wonderful town.

Assemblyman Dave Jones, introduced Cecilia, by pointing out her record as an advocate for affordable housing and her advocacy against the biolab at UC Davis. He cited work with her going back a decade and strongly endorsed her candidacy. Jones, who has served Sacramento for the last four years as Assemblyman, also sent along well wishes from Senator Darrell Steinberg, who has also endorsed Cecilia.

Over 115 people packed into Lenzi's home. Other attendees included Davis City Councilmember Lamar Heystek, West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, Yolo County Supervisor Mariko Yamada, Former Davis Mayors Julie Partansky and Maynard Skinner, Former Davis City Councilmember Mike Harrington, Former Davis School Board Member Jim Provenza, and Davis Democratic Club President Arun Sen.

Cecilia addressed the audience. "Ever since I attended UC Davis, I have thought of Davis as my home. I have been so proud to be a member of what is really a wonderful and unique community," she said. "I have met many wonderful people here, and have seen such amazing displays of leadership and community involvement and activism. All of you here have inspired me."

“Davis is a very special town, and the qualities that make Davis such a special place need to be protected.” Cecilia said, “As your city councilmember I will work to protect open space and agricultural land. I will strive to maintain a strong level of public safety. I will promote transparency in government. And finally, working in concert with my colleagues I will seek to develop a green city to make Davis a place that will be the environmental standard that the rest of the nation turns to once again.”

Cecilia continued her speech by asserting her commitment to maintaining the quality of life and character of Davis. “I pledge to maintain Davis’ commitment to Measure J by keeping the citizen’s right to determine our city’s future,” she said. “I will work with my colleagues to forge a new path to maintain a strong and vital downtown core while preserving our parks and open space.”

In addition to those in attendance, Cecilia has been endorsed by School Board President Sheila Allen, School Board member Tim Taylor, past Davis Mayors Ken Wagstaff and Bill Kopper; past Davis City Councilmembers Stan Forbes, Jerry Kaneko, and Dick Holdstock; Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad; Yolo County Assessor Joel Butler; UC Davis Police Chief Emeritus Calvin Handy; Woodland City Councilmembers Artemio Pimentel and Jeff Monroe; West Sacramento City Councilmember William Kristoff; Past Yolo County Assessor Dick Fischer and past Yolo County Clerk Tony Bernhardt, among many others.

In attendance as well was Rob Roy who filed his papers on Friday afternoon to run for the Davis City Council, he also endorsed Cecilia early on. Other Davis City Council candidates include Mayor Sue Greenwald, Councilmembers Don Saylor and Stephen Souza, and Sydney Vergis. There are three seats available on the council.

Disclaimer: Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald is the wife of Doug Paul Davis (aka David Greenwald) who runs the Vanguard. Simon Efrein and others will be covering the Davis City Council Election.