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Monday, February 11, 2008

Local Leaders Join in Solidarity of Sodexho Workers

The Sodexho Workers' continuing fight for fair wages, affordable health care, and better working conditions has generating considerable community support.

Last month, the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee supported a resolution that called on the chancellor to grant the Sodexho workers university employee status.

At that time, many of the Democratic leaders from Yolo County including both Assembly candidates Mariko Yamada and Christopher Cabaldon, both Supervisor Candidates Jim Provenza and John Ferraro, all stepped forward with strong support for the Sodexho workers.

Not included in the original article was a statement by Davis City Councilmember Lamar Heystek:
"Coming from a background of organized labor and having served as a shop steward, I have not only sympathized with Sodexho employees who seek to improve their working conditions and compensation, I have stood with them and will remain by their side. You see, Sodexho workers are not merely members of the university community – they are members of the greater Davis community. And as the University continues to deny Sodexho employees parity with their UC-employed counterparts, these workers continue to lack the economic security to live comfortably in Davis. It perpetuates the unfair notion that poorly compensated workers pose a “burden” on the community when they need health care and social services. And whose fault is that? Certainly not theirs."
Also West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon has appeared on the behalf of the Sodexho Workers at numerous public rallies including the one last Thursday.

The Vanguard videotaped the bulk of his comments from Thursday and placed it on you tube.

Please click on the video below to watch the Mayor's brief but eloquent comments on the Sodexho workers and the need for them to become university employees.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting