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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Deputy DA Jim Walker to Challenge Judge Fall

The Vanguard has learned that Judge Tim Fall will receive electoral challenge from Yolo County Deputy District Attorney Jim Walker. This will mark the first time in quite some time that there will be a contested judicial election in Yolo County.

While Judge Fall has raised the ire of many over the course of his tenure as Judge, Deputy DA Jim Walker would likely be an unmitigated disaster.

Originally Judge Steve Mock was to retire after his term expired. However, he has since changed his mind and instead he will apparently resign midterm and allow the Governor to appoint a replacement.

Deputy DA Walker reportedly was seeking a judicial appointment from the governor but that option was likely precluded to him by rumored unqualified ratings from the bar association.

So contesting another judge seems the most likely option for the Deputy DA and apparently Judge Fall, who has a mixed record, is deemed the most vulnerable.

However, the Vanguard believes that Judge Fall will receive the backing of all of the Yolo County Judges.

The Yolo County Republican Party has a posted press release on their website:
"Jim Walker, a successful supervising prosecutor with the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, announced Tuesday that he is seriously considering a run for Yolo County Judge. Walker made his announcement at the Woodland Public Library during the Woodland Republican Club’s meeting. The group had gathered to hear an update from Walker on Yolo County’s criminal justice system."
At one point, Mr. Walker considered running for District Attorney, however, outgoing DA David Henderson backed Jeff Reisig as his successor. Mr. Walker will now look to unseat a sitting judge, which is a difficult prospect at best, particularly for one who will likely be rated as unqualified.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting