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Monday, August 27, 2007

Big Time Changes Coming to the Vanguard

As the People's Vanguard of Davis moves firmly into its second year in existence, we will be launching many major changes beginning just after Labor Day including a major new marketing campaign as well as bringing forward many other additional features to what we currently offer.

Just some of the changes that we are looking at are the addition of another writer, more guest commentaries, partnerships with local elected officials and grassroots organizations to bring more information directly into the homes of Davis and Yolo County residents, among other changes that will be announced during the course of September.

We will also be implementing a major new marketing plan that will both increase our revenue and increase our readership by nearly 50% per month.

One big push that we will be various means of informing the public about the Vanguard and the services that we perform. In order to implement this plan, we would like to solicit the support of just 10 volunteers who will agree to walk their own precinct to drop literature that we are in the process of creating and tell their neighbors about the Vanguard. If this is something that you are interested and able to do, please contact me via email and in the next few weeks we will implement this plan.

This is just the first step of a major September push by the Vanguard. Stay tuned for further changes and developments.

---Doug Paul Davis