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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Davis Democrats Come Together To Celebrate the Fourth

On a day that began hot and ended even hotter, the Davis Democratic party came together to celebrate the Fourth with a booth at Community Park that contained an epic display of buttons and bumper stickers from every Democratic Presidential Candidate from Hillary Clinton to Mike Gravel. Where the Democrats were united however, was behind a decidedly anti-Bush theme as there were literally hundreds of buttons and bumper stickers with the anti-Bush theme. Sayings such as, "More trees - Less Bush;" "I support our troops, that why I question our leaders;" "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing an idiot," "Bush: Like a rock only dumber;" and "Support our troops, impeach our President," were just a few of the many bumper stickers and buttons available.

There was also a push for the upcoming Measures P and Q. Measure P is the library tax, that will enable the Davis library to maintain its current hours in Davis. And Measure Q, is the Davis Joint Unified School District's Parcel Tax, that will end up funding huge amounts of school programs. Both will require two-thirds votes in order to pass.

It was not a day for the feint of heart however, but large amounts of water and the shade of the city's non-functional photovoltaic cells helped get us through the day.

The crowd was sparse until around 5 or 6 pm, then it began to pick up greatly. By the time the fireworks display began, the park was completely packed.

It was a long and hot day, but ultimately a fun day at the park. Click here for some of the sites of Davis' Fourth of July Celebration--Davis Democratic Style.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting