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Friday, June 22, 2007

Column: View From West Davis

This is my weekly column of thoughts and tidbits from the week that has passed. A little bit lighter and more playful than the usual serious and hard-hitting coverage.

Reisig will bring back the Gang Injunction

On April 23, 2007, the appeals court struck down West Sacramento's gang injunction citing its failure to properly notice alleged gang members as a violation of their due process. Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig, as a deputy DA had noticed only a single individual said to be a member of the Broderick Street Gang. When other alleged gang members failed to contest the injunction, Judge Warriner allowed Reisig to impose a curfew and curtail their activities.

The court ruling left Reisig with three options--one to appeal the court ruling, the second to fix the problems with the original injunction by providing proper notice, or third to let it die. Apparently Reisig intends to continue to pursue the injunction. We'll have to stay tuned to see how he intends to do that.

Closing of the Cantina: The End of an Era

It is with great sadness that I went to the closing of the Cantina del Cabo this past Wednesday in Davis. The Cantina has long been a mainstay in my life, with its tremendous selection of beers. It is the place where I celebrated many of my life's highs and lows over the last nearly eleven years. And it is a place that I shall dearly miss.

Wednesday evening though felt more like a party than a funeral, with many of Davis' political citizens living it up for a final time with an excellent selection of local music. Many of Davis' political figures from the past, present, and future were on hand--too many to really mention and aside from the point of the evening to begin with.

The Cantina was located across the street from the Davis Democratic Party headquarters in 1998 where I worked as Field Director for Mark DeSio's State Senate Campaign. As a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, it is where I saw Mark McGwire hit his 62nd home run on a night in early September. It was also a place I would go to unwind after the frustrations of a rough day on the campaign trail--and there are plenty of those in any political campaign.

There are many other memories I share of the Cantina and I will always believe that there is a piece of Davis now missing with its closure. I wish Tom Lovering, the owner, the very best in his future endeavors and I thank him for all the very nice memories over the last 11 years.

School Board will not pursue Second Parcel Tax

Those who saw the news last week should not have been very surprised given the bad polling numbers, but the school board did make it official that they would not pursue the second parcel tax as a means to save Valley Oak. This had been a virtual forgone conclusion since the polling numbers had come out so badly. But it is unfortunate nonetheless. The future of Valley Oak will now depend on the will of those who are in charge of writing up a charter to make Valley Oak a charter school.

Davis Inferno Demolition Night

One of the more humorous and time consuming satires of Davis politics, with a particular bent of lampooning Davis Progressives, including myself, this blog, and some of my close associates was the Davis Inferno. The Inferno had some very intricate stories, poetry, and was heavy on the satire. One day it was up with about four days worth of entries, the next day it was gone. Too bad, I like good satire and this was certainly funny.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting