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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Briefs

Amusing Controversy at the Davis Democratic Club

It seemed like the Davis Democratic Club Newsletter would be a good place to advertise this blog, so I plopped down some money and paid for a full page ad last month, and heck I did it again in the issue that just came out last week.

But it appears this blog has drawn some controversy from former Davis Mayor Joan Poulos. She wrote a letter to the editor of the newsletter (to the bemusement of those who actually print the newsletter who did not realize they had an editor), I have scanned, copied and pasted it for all to see, along with the response.
As a long-time member/supporter of the Davis Democratic club, I have concerns about the tone of the newsletter (and certainly about the "blog."(the biggest ad in the newsletter.) I am delighted to see the support for Lois Wolk and Mariko, but there appears a great tendency to trash the faithful Democrats who have long carried the torch in Yolo County. I have no idea who doug paul davis is, other than he is 34 and a Saggitarius, (maybe) but I know that people like David Murphy and Steve Souza and Ruth Asmundsun have done much to make Davis what it is. We can support new ideas, like Freddie's headline grabbing demonstration about the inequalities of the marriage laws, and lament the lack of airing of Air America. Diverse viewpoints should be welcomed, but the snide comments about those who may disagree are not helpful.

This is election time. Political parties exist to elect candidates. As a club, we must be ever mindful of this and not be captured by a small, but vocal, critical minority.

-Joan Poulos

Editors response:

Please distinguish between paid advertising and the editorial content of the newsletter. The News has not mentioned David Murphy, Stephen Souza or Ruth Asmundsun since I became editor. All articles are edited by criteria found in the bylaws and below.
David Murphy is a Democrat? I was not aware he was involved in Democratic politics. I have never met Ms. Poulos, but perhaps she would like to sit down and discuss my astrological sign and perhaps some of my concerns about the policies of those she is quick to defend. She is of course entitled to her opinion and if she wants to defend Murphy, Asmundson, and Souza, she is welcome to come on here and do so--just like anyone else.

I had no idea that the purchase of my ad would be so controversial--it seems that was money well-spent. I'll be running another ad next month, too.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting