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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Afternoon Briefs

David Murphy's Settlement Announcement

The Davis Enterprise reported last night that "recently resigned" Superintendent David Murphy will continue to receive his salary until mid 2008 (when his contract would have expired). The district would pay Murphy approximately $225,000.

A week ago, Superintendent David Murphy surprised many in the community by announcing his retirement. Already the Davis Enterprise is calling it a "resignation."

This represents mounting evidence however that Murphy was in fact involuntarily terminated. One would not receive a settlement package for merely retiring or even resigning. This arrangement pretty much confirms our suggestion last Sunday that Murphy was in fact fired.

According to the Davis Enterprise:
"Over the coming three months, ending May 31, Murphy will “focus his efforts on mutually agreed-upon duties,” including completion of a reference manual outlining the superintendent’s duties and responsibilties (sic). Murphy also will use accrued vacation time."
A couple of points that need to clarified. First, the District is paying David Murphy $225,000 of taxpayer money not to work. That is a pretty strong statement there.

Second, we need to remind the public that it was the outgoing school board with BJ Kline, Joan Sallee, and Marty West that as one of their last acts, decided to extend the contract of David Murphy and made it extremely difficult for the incoming school board to terminate an employee that they believed was doing a poor job. Those members cost the Davis taxpayers and perhaps the students a tremendous amount.

Yolo "COPS" Reality Show Canceled

According to a good source, the proposal for the Yolo County "COPS" reality show has been canceled by District Attorney Jeff Reisig and Sheriff Ed Prieto. Apparently the chief reason cited was liability.

The liability issue seems suspicious since numerous shows of this sort work with law enforcement in other jurisdictions.

10th Annual Dotties Awards Show Tonight

The 2007 Dottie Awards marks the 10th year of recognizing Northern California’s best Web sites with winners in 16 different categories, Top Dot and Peoples Choice Award. Take this opportunity to preview the best Web sites Northern California has to offer, and network with other business professionals while being thoroughly entertained at one of Sacramento’s premiere awards shows.

One of the presenters will be myself this evening. Jason Frankel, CEO of Coversant Inc. and I will be awarding the Blogs & Online communities Dottie.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting