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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yamada Steps Closer to Announcement

Yolo County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Mariko Yamada greeted Davis Democractic Club members last night at their annual Valentine's Day Dinner. Current county challenges include the General Plan Update and a Davis Area Library Services measure to be placed on the November 2007 ballot. Yamada also said she would be joining Yolo County Clerk Recorder Freddie Oakley at noon for the issuance of "Certificates of Inequality". At the conclusion of her remarks, Supervisor Yamada informally stated that she was preparing for a run at the 8th Assembly District seat currently held by Lois Wolk. A formal announcement is expected before the end of February.

Davis School Board Member Jim Provenza was one of several Davis and Yolo County elected official on hand last night. Provenza delivered a stellar speech about the need to be vigilant defending civil liberties. Provenza's words applied equally to the political landscape both locally and nationally.

A surprise guest appearance was made by former Congressional candidate Charlie Brown who valiantly ran against right wing Republican John Doolittle for the Fourth Congressional District of California. Brown a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, narrowly was defeated last November by a narrow 49-46 margin in the most heavily Republican District of California. Brown announced that his fight was not over as Doolittle continues his support for the Iraq war and the corruption charges against him continue to mount. Brown has kept his Congressional Committee alive as an exploratory committee and appears to be seriously weighing another challenge against John Doolittle. Brown was greeted with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from a strong contingent of Davis Democrats.

Other elected officials on hand were Assemblywoman and future State Senate Candidate Lois Wolk, Davis Mayor Sue Greenwald, Davis City Councilmember Lamar Heystek, County Assessor Joel Butler, Davis School Board Member Sheila Allen, and Yolo County Guardian Cass Sylvia. Allen stated strongly her opposition to the closing of Valley Oak and her opposition to the idea of pitting neighborhood against neighborhood. She strongly supported the ideal of keeping all elementary schools open.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting