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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Midday Briefs

Congratulations Captain Black--Please Move to Davis

One of the most telling statistics I heard at a recent meeting is that fewer than 10 and possibly as few as five Davis police officers actually live in the City of Davis. That means that few officers have the experience of living with fellow Davis citizens, as a result at times they may lack understanding of the needs and concerns of their would-be neighbors. In turn this leads to a failure to help build community and foster trust between residents and the police.

When Chief-designate Landy Black becomes Davis Police Chief Landy Black, I strongly urge him to buy a home in Davis with his family, to live among the people for whom he is sworn to protect and serve and to be a part of this community, rather than an outside who merely comes in to work.

Flex Your Rights

I was rather surprised to get an email last night from Phil Rexroad. He is the brother of County Supervisor Matt Rexroad.

He wanted me to pass on the following website:

This site seems to be another good resource for people to understand their rights under the constitution. Too many people do not understand these rights (or simply don’t know them at all) and subject themselves to humiliating and depersonalizing police searches because of that lack of knowledge.

Sacramento Bee Editorial on Term Limit Reform

On Sunday, I wrote a blog entry that said that while I support ending term limits, I oppose the current proposal. This morning's Sacramento Bee Editorial agrees with this point of view.
"Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, Sen. President Pro Tem Don Perata and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger once seemed close to hatching a workable deal linking term limit reform and redistricting, but now they are bumbling it. Badly.

Instead of speaking directly to voters, and making a strong case for loosening the stranglehold of term limits, Núñez and Perata are sneaking around with a duplicitous, self-serving initiative that would change term limits but not necessarily improve them -- but would extend their own time in office.

The machinations on this one have been outrageous, even by Capitol standards. For several months, Núñez, Perata and Schwarzenegger have pushed to reschedule California's 2008 primary from June 5 to Feb. 5, arguing it would give California more clout in picking the president next year.

Now it turns out that, while spouting these arguments, these leaders and their surrogates were quietly putting together a ballot initiative aimed for the prospective February 2008 primary."
As I've said before, I strongly oppose term limits. Everyone in this country who runs for office has term limits--they are called elections. I do not think that term limits have accomplished what those who envisioned them believed they would accomplish. Instead they have left us with inexperienced elected officials and well-experience unelected officials. Nevertheless this is a cynical and calculated move by those in power to consolidate their power and expand their allotted time in the leadership, while at the same time it does not solve the larger problems.

Homeless Awareness Event on UC Davis Campus

This message courtesy of Richard Cipian:
"This is Richard Cipian. I am writing at this time of our to get out the word of a Homelessness Awareness Day the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) are planning for this upcoming Feb, 27th, 2007- Tuesday at noon at the quad at the MU. We will be having oral testimonies from those who are homeless in the Davis community, advocates of the local homeless, poets, statements from politicians and The Spare Changer- a local non-profit and homeless newspaper journal on hand to educate folks about homelessness issues in the community. The whole goal of the event is to raise the attention and profile of homelessness in the Davis community and greater Yolo County and to inspire more action from the private sector on ways that we can better serve our poor community.

Homelessness at least in my opinion is a very political issue in Davis. A good chunk of the Davis community is charitable about homeless concerns but if given the knowledge of how to fine tune thier charity, we could end homelessness in Davis for those that want shelter. There is a small minority in Davis with stereotypes of the homeless as being criminals, drug addicts or just people who choose to be homeless that must be broken down some how. We are hoping that this event will do that or at least infuse the community of Davis with the truth regarding homelessness. If the influential business community would partner up with social service providers and activists we can really get close to eradicating homelessness in Davis. This is the first such homeless day we have ever had at UCD and the event should be a great event. We are also having a resource faire and donation drive."
---Doug Paul Davis reporting