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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2008 City Council Candidates

In order to regain a majority on the council, Progressives are going to need to hold onto Mayor Sue Greenwald's seat while they take at least one other seat. At this point, both Councilmembers Stephen Souza and Don Saylor are up for reelection in 2008. It looks fairly certain that Saylor would run for reelection. He does not seem a viable candidate for Assembly at this point. And his other option would be to run for the Supervisor seat, which would be Helen Thomson's seat which is not up until 2010.

Stephen Souza seems inclined to run for Supervisor IF and according to some who have spoken to him, only IF, Mariko Yamada runs for the Assembly.

If both Souza and Saylor run for re-election, the most likely candidate for the third seat would be Mike Levy, who ran a very strong third in last year's council elections. If Souza ends up running for Supervisor, which at this point seems more likely than not, School Board Member Gina Daleidan would be an obvious choice. Daleidan is a close ally of Don Saylor.

The progressives however, are much more wide open. One possibility might be Jim Provenza, the President of the school board. He would be a formidable candidate if he chose to run. However, the smart money seems to be on him running for Supervisor.

So my question to this blog would be: who should the Progressives get to run? Should Provenza run for Supervisor or City Council?

---Doug Paul Davis reporting