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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Davis Enterprise Endorses Rexroad

I haven't written about Matt Rexroad in this blog. However, reading the Davis Enterprise Endorsement of Rexroad, I was compelled to stick my nose into this.

In particular it was the last paragraph that caught my eye:
We're disappointed in the partisan politics that have been injected into this race. Sure, Rexroad is a Republican but he enjoys broad support from both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. We respect him for his intellect, his abilities and his leadership.
Let me tell, I'm just relieved I was not eating when I read that last line.

First of all, the Davis Enterprise is just continuing their endorsements of the pro-growth and more conservative candidates and issues. In particular on local issues. Sure they may endorse Democrats at the State or National level, but at the local level, it's a very consistent record. They endorsed "Yes on Covell Village" and now "Yes on Target." They endorsed the pro-growth candidates for Council last election by endorsing Asmundson and Levy. They endorsed the conservative Republican Jeff Reisig for District Attorney and they've endorsed the conservative Republican Matt Rexroad for the 3rd District County Supervisor seat.

Second of all, don't give me the line "we're disppointed in the partisan politics that have been injected into this race." I'm of the belief that there are NO non-partisan races. The Republicans have understood this for a long time. In the 1970s, they devised a way to groom and recruit candidates from the ground up--a farm system to use sports parlance. In order to run candidates for the State Legislature or Congress that will be successful, you need a good crop of quality candidates who are well known at the local level and seasoned at local "non-partisan" offices.

Howard Dean in developing his 50-state strategy finally acknowledged the huge advantage that this strategy has given the Republicans and enabled them to re-take the Congress in 1994 and hold until possibly this election. Dean's plan is to seed the local level with young and committed candidates, building them into state candidates in future races.

I understand full well that Debbie Davis is not a Democratic activist (in fact as far as I know she’s a Republican), but her position on this the issue of partisanship represents the fundamental flaw in the thinking of local office holders and activists who should know better. Last spring, a number of Democratic activists and office holders supported Jeff Reisig, a conservative Republican. Don Saylor, Davis City Councilmember and Ed Prieto, Yolo County Sheriff, went as far as to wear "Democrats for Reisig" buttons.

Folks, Jeff Reisig is 34 years old, Matt Rexroad is 38 years old. Do you really believe that they are going to be content to stay in these offices for long? These guys are going to be prime candidates for Assembly, State Senate, Congress, etc. Democrats in this county will have helped the future members of Congress for the Republican Party.

Remember Machado barely beat Podesta, a Mayor of Stockton for the State Senate Seat. Do you think the huge Republican power brokers are dumping money into the Supervisor's race for fun? No, they are expecting a return on their investment when Rexroad parlays his Supervisor's seat into higher office--partisan office. And it's exactly the same thing with Reisig--a young, Republican District Attorney who will be a prime candidate for partisan office. And Democratic leaders and activists in Yolo County will have made it happen.

---Doug Paul Davis reporting